Control for Life - Outline

The following poems by the author distill the essence of the book "Control for Life Extension" and each of them precedes and outlines the seven parts of the book.

It is your lucky day.
You found a fountain of youth,
Especially if you are blood type A.
You will unearth the truth.

Your thick blood’s an inner time bomb,
If you eat for your type wrong.
If you can’t resist the grill,
You must think about the will.

Your age is short, and hard to lengthen,
If you continue your way.
To make your life long, I have to say,
Read the Control for Life Extension.

This book will give you a great hope,
It will be for you a salvation rope.


To be around a long time,
A strong and fit body is a must.
It’s better if the face will often shine,
And wisdom is not left in the dust.

If you enjoy research and freedom,
And don’t let in offense or boredom,
The blood in you is of type B or O,
You burn your food neither fast nor slow,

You live your days in a healthy manner,
And strive to increase the Kapha dosha,
And being concerned with the Yin-Yang ratio,
Were granted at birth the longevity banner,

If you were born in winter or spring,
You have on your finger a centenarian ring.


Should you ask me what’s best to eat,
I’ll tell you: eat right for your type, you should
Eat raw fruits, veggies, not milk and meat,
And don’t stuff your face with food.

Chinese Xu Fang does not eat at all,
Food does not charge her body a toll.
Drinking just water and breathing air,
She radiates health with her skin and her hair.

To spare your kidneys, don’t drink much water.
Your friend is carbon dioxide, not oxygen.
Have enough quality sleep, snooze, and then
Exercise more than your son or daughter.

Enjoy your sex, but avoid frequent ejaculation.
Yours then is good health, long life, and liberation.

Our thoughts are the language of the mind,
And they are energy and they are matter.
If they are obedient, controlled, and kind,
You have peace and joy and feel better.

Thoughts always flow; they arrive and disappear.
They drag you into the past from now and here,
They pull you into the future, can act upon you tougher,
The draft of disturbing thoughts makes you suffer.

Emotions like hate, fear, anger, and greed
Harm your body, your mind, and your spirit.
Be here and now, use breathing, observe: with all it
You’ll master your thoughts and emotions indeed.

Raw foods in your diet and fasts will increase creativity,
And mind exercises give your brain health and longevity.

It’s really possible to grow younger,
The fountain of youth is not a far-fetched tale.
What’s necessary is your inner hunger,
To become young again and sing like a nightingale.

You need the energy to have this desire,
You need all your systems to get vital fire.
Your body and cells cry for detoxification,
With cleansing and fasting comes rejuvenation.

The best purifying is from the dry fast,
And a diet of raw plants bathed in sun shower.
Laughter and imagery has rejuvenating power,
When you try to make the happiest day of your life last.

Stop aging now, take action steps, don’t wait,
Get super health and the fullest life--rejuvenate.

To live on our wonderful Earth longer,
Was always the dream of all humankind.
With passing ages, this urge grew stronger,
And now science is about secrets to find.

Meanwhile, by adhering to a lifestyle’s fidelity,
We can become a centenarian personality.
If we follow the paths laid by longevity crusaders,
And open our mind for their wisdom to persuade us.

They will teach you to grasp all your will powers,
To turn to fasting, exercise, and a raw-plant diet.
And doing all things right for your type, if you try it,
Your reward is a long life filled with beautiful flowers,

And the joy of being young in body, mind, and spirit,
And living a life that’s full with all the glory that’s in it.


Now after you’ve finished reading this book,
You know yourself much deeper and better.
Most likely, it changed your life outlook
That your aging depends on the lifestyle matter.

Whatever your age and condition of health,
Discover inside you an intelligence wealth.
Unfold potential that you have within
The keys are hard work and self-discipline.

For your body and soul great transformation,
Vehicles must be simple lifestyle and diet
Right for your type, and all making quiet
Your mind, such as prayer and meditation.

Fasts, yoga, and eating raw plants help to quicker
Attain health and long life for a longevity seeker.