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Valery Mamonov, Ph.D. and longevitywatch.com present a personalized holistic approach to health, fitness and longevity achieved through self-understanding of your unique body and personality type and healthy lifestyle.valery mamonov

This approach is based on interviews with centenarians and long-lived people in different countries and solid research by the author outlined in his book “Control for Life Extension” and film/book “Live Long with Freedom.”

These books are different from other books on the market, most of which are designed by the formula, 'one plan fits all' as if we all are the same, but we are not. We have different blood types, metabolic variations, hereditary blueprints, individual lifestyles, and body shapes. Our psychological traits such as personality types, instincts, and temperaments are distinctive. We also have embedded Ayurvedic dosha types, Yin-Yang types, Five Element types, chakra profiles, and personal horoscopes. These comprise your unique multi-faceted profile.

We are all unique. Thou shalt know thyself. Do self- assessment. Eight Western and five Oriental diagnostic systems are used for self-assessment which is done through charts contained in the book. Food choices for your type are at the end of the book. Other features of lifestyles suitable for your type are scattered throughout the book. Practice a lifestyle appropriate for your unique type.

The purpose of this site is to:

• Educate you so that you understand that your health, fitness and longevity is your own responsibility in choosing and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dependence on doctors, both conventional and alternative, except for emergency, is not a good idea. They never know the cause of your disease or disorder and will start a guess work on you and experimenting on you. Most likely they will prescribe you unnecessary interventions and sell you poisonous drugs, invasive tests or synthetic supplements. You don't need their bad quality and expensive quick fix. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding unhealthy habits you can heal yourself. No one can make you well, you and only you can do it, but you need to completely take charge of your life. It requires your determination, commitment and complete integrity.

Healthy lifestyle features are shown in detail in my film “Live Long with Freedom.”

• Empower you and increase your awareness by making you find out your Unique type so that you could treat your Sacred Body, Mind and Spirit according to your Unique type.


This site is designed for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a trained medical professional. Some of the therapies (such as dry fasting or urine enema) mentioned on this site are very intense and, if used improperly, may cause adverse effects. Because people, their circumstances, and health conditions are very different, there is always some risk involved. Neither the author nor the site’s designer takes any responsibility for possible damages, loss, expense, or any other consequences from the use of any therapy, exercise, and suggestions described herein. Site visitors, especially those with health problems, are advised to consult a physician or other qualified health-care provider before implementing any of the dietary or other approaches presented on this site, and to attempt to have their support and cooperation in the quest for a healthier and longer life.

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