Control for Life - Body and Personality Types


Each of us is absolutely unique. Each of us has a unique set of body and personality features, which make us different from any other person. We react differently to food, exercise, stress, environment, and every day's life challenges. No diet, exercise plan, or life extension program works for everybody equally. Therefore, knowing our type, our biochemical individuality, and self-understanding allows us to do everything right for our type and avoid mistakes and frustrations.

Use this unique opportunity to evaluate your type, which no other book in existence can offer. Go for an integrated BODY and PERSONALITY TYPE assessment with the use of eight Western and five Oriental diagnostic systems. You will be surprised to learn things about yourself that you never imagined. Many discoveries await you on this path of self-understanding and it's fun.

While doing the assessment, you may encounter some difficulties and may have questions. I encourage you to buy the book which contains the answers to many of your questions. If you are still unclear, with a purchase of the book you receive one half-hour FREE phone consultation with the author. If you need additional consultation, it will cost you $75 per hour.

Western Systems

1. Somatotypes

2. Personality Types

3. Instincts

4. Temperaments

5. Blood Type

6. Metabolic Type

7. Lifestyle

8. Heredity

Oriental Systems

9. Ayurvedic Doshas

10. Yin-Yang Principle

11. Five Elements Theory

12. Chakra System

13. Oriental Horoscope

Body & Personality Profile