Control for Life - Author

(Author's bio pertaining to the life extension topic)

For me as an author, coming to the point to write a book on life extension was neither simple nor a one way street. Up to the age of 37, I was leading a life of an ordinary intellectual in Moscow, Russia with a lack of knowledge about health.

My scientific career was quite successful. I received a Ph.D. degree in engineering at the age of 28 and soon was promoted to a position of senior researcher. I worked for over 20 years in the Institute of Bases and Underground Structures in Moscow, the leading research center of this kind in Russia. My job involved site experiments that required lots of physical activities. I often went on missions to the remote regions of the former USSR and stayed in the field for months.

Although my health was quite good, my lifestyle was far from what one would regard as healthy. It was just expensing from my inherited health account and actually I did nothing to replenish it. I even smoked for a few years and drank vodka occasionally, though always in moderation, without excess. Although self-destructive traits have never ruled in my life, I would define my state at that time as “health-unconscious.”

My first touch with healthy diets, holistic methods and yoga exercises stems from my close friend Vladimir Samol. He was a fitness model, marathon runner and health enthusiast, but he overestimated his abilities. He experimented on himself at near death states and suddenly died at the age of 46 (he stopped his heart beating with special technique, but failed to revive it). His death struck me very deeply and became a turning point in my life. I was 37 years old and have completely changed my life ever since. Trying to figure out the real cause of his death, I started to meet people interested in yoga, folk medicine, and holistic methods.
I joined groups of people with channeling abilities, attended yoga classes and read many related books. Among them were the books of Paul Bragg and Herbert Shelton, the American health pioneers. My life at that time had split into two major activities: working in a research institute and occupying my leisure hours with learning about holistic cures as well as yoga exercises, fasts and diets.

The idea to write a book on life extension came to me in the early 1980s while I was practicing fasts in Russia under the guidance of my yoga teacher Eugene Bazh. He is 50 years old now and presently lives in Moscow. He has outstanding abilities in terms of extrasensory perception. His healing power is great. The people’s aura is visible for him and he is even able to see a body of thought. Though young and healthy, he practiced spiritual 40-day-long fasts. I have learned from him various exercises, diets, meditation, body cleansing methods, and mind-body-connection. It was a delicious food for my thought.

My life has changed dramatically once again 12 years ago when I emigrated from Russia. First I worked in Israel for more than one year, and then received a job in the Japanese company in Tokyo where I worked for the next 5 years. By that time my daughter who lived in Russia got married to an American and moved to the USA. I often visit and stay with her family in Woburn, Massachusetts.

After retiring from the corporate life at the age of 55,
I decided to dedicate myself to research in the field of longevity, the subject that interested me most. I left my quite successful career as a consulting engineer in geotechnical engineering in 1996 to concentrate full-time on creating a program that would offer a new approach to longevity.

Personally, there were a few reasons for me to be concerned about my overall health and life expectancy. My heredity, though not great, is not bad at all. My parental grandfather and maternal grandmother died when they were in their early nineties. But my father died at the age of 78 of colon cancer and he suffered from prostate disorders. My mother died of pneumonia when she was 73. My father’s body constitution was strong and for the most of his life he was fit and healthy, but my mother inherited quite weak constitution. She was deeply involved spiritually, but did nothing to improve her physical health. I inherited weaknesses of my vital organs from my mother. Also, I am very tall (6 feet 4 inches), though long living people are usually short. Tall people have relatively weak hearts and circulation system. They are vulnerable to cancer too. That is why I can’t rely on my genes alone and being aware of my weak points I have to earn and maintain my health with my own efforts.

For the last two decades and especially on my retirement I have tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. At present, my diet is composed mostly of fruits, raw vegetables, grains, nuts, and soy products and I tend to abstain from foods inappropriate for my Blood, Ayurvedic dosha and Yin-Yang types. I do yoga and weight lifting exercises, practice fasts and engage in intellectual and spiritual activities.

My self-supported research project on longevity included travels to Japan, Singapore, Iceland, Russia and the USA where I interviewed long living people and centenarians. Of a special interest was my trip to China where I spent ten days with Xu Fang, 32, a Chinese beauty-mystery who hasn’t eaten for the last 14 years. The non-eating people also call themselves "breatharians" meaning that they live by taking their "food" from air (breathing in) instead of eating hard or liquid food.

Although completely without food for more than a decade, Chinese breatharian Xu Fang leads an active life. She is flexible, fit and vigorous. Her eyes and skin emit a radiant health and vitality. The Chinese military scientists did an extensive research on her, but still her case is scientifically unexplained phenomenon. 

As a result of my research efforts and own experience,

I developed the Restriction - Abundance approach to longevity. It implies an understanding the person’s unique body constitution and personality peculiarities. The proper health and longevity may be achieved if one: 

· Practices restriction of basic biological needs, such as food, water, sleep, and sex

· Takes control over emotional and mental states 

· Lets bloom in abundance talents, creativity, skills, and crafts

· Strives for intellectual development and spiritual growth.

The ideas and information that I gathered allowed me to write “Control for Life Extension: A Personalized Holistic Approach.” Many people, I believe, can benefit from this book, but especially Blood type A people. Although their average life span in this country is shorter than that of the Blood type O people by 25 years, they can reach one hundred and stay healthy at the very advanced age. The book shows that for a majority of people healthy lifestyle, rather than heredity, affects longevity the most. The examples in the book show that adhering to the raw-food diet allowed to Dr. Norman Walker to live to 99 years of age and to Arshavir Ter-Hovannessian of Iran to extend his life by 40 years.

Major features of lifestyle are discussed in this book in detail, along with factors affecting longevity. It is stressed that the goals of lifelong fitness and longevity can only be achieved by taking control over person’s life, conscious efforts and hard work. The reader will find plenty of helpful information about the main aspects of life. Some information, about the role of oxygen and water in particular, which are of a primary importance for survival, is mostly unknown in this country. Several very efficient exercises described in the book are unfamiliar to a public, too.

A personalized approach to health and life extension is based on thirteen diagnostic systems (eight Western and five Oriental) related to longevity and discussed in the book.

I supplied most of them with self-assessment charts, which allow to draw his or her unique profile. It provides a theoretical basis and shows a direction where to move in achieving a balanced state of physical and emotional health.

Your personality profile will allow you to apply to yourself the factual information in this book or in other books of this kind with better understanding. If you feel you need an improvement program, you can design it according to your body constitution, psychological traits, intellectual and spiritual needs of your unique personality.